Mobility is a relevant aspect of our modern globalized world, leading to an ever increasing demand for mass-transport capabilities. Passenger traffic at airports, train stations and other mass-transportation systems is steadily increasing, as one of the motors for modern economy. Unfortunately, this increasing economic relevance and the large agglomeration of passengers in such mass-transport systems have made them a prominent target for terrorist attacks.

It is therefore increasingly important to develop systems which can enhance the security in such mass-transport systems, without hampering the large throughput requirements of modern transportation systems.

THz imaging systems have shown to have a large potential for the localization of dangerous objects (explosives, weapons,) on people. However, presently developed systems can only observe passengers at a close distance in a security gate scenario, which hinders the throughput of passengers. The goal of the LiveDetect3D project is to develop a system which can observe and detect hidden objects at a distance, in order to enable effective security camera systems, which do not obstruct passenger throughput in mass-transportation systems.