Biosensing is applying sensors to characterize biomolecules such as DNA or Proteins. A numerous amount of biomolecules shows characteristic properties in the THz-regime. Suitable sensors are excited with THz-pulses or –radiation to determine the molecules’ material properties.
One application of great interest is the determination of DNA-strands based on the binding state. Nowadays the commom method is the expensive and time-consuming fluorescent labelling. Biochips would require deposition of the (small amount of) material on the chip only. The permittivity of the sample material then indicates the binding state. This process is not only simpler, it also allows the usage of the material after the diagnosis since it is not contaminated with a fluorescent label.

THz detection of biomolecules in aqueous environments

This review shows the current status of THz analysis of biomolecules in aqueous environments and under physiological conditions. It also provides a perspective for future applications and use in clinical applications.


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Microfluidic Active-Feedback THz Biosensor for Direct, Sensitive and Selective Exosome and Virus Detection in Aqueous Environments (“MATISSE”)

The project is part of the DFG (German Research Foundation) founded SPP 2314 INTEREST (INtegrated TERahErtz sySTems enabling novel functionality). Further information is available here or on the project website .


Ultrasensitive marker-free biomolecular THz-detection for tumor related analytics: PCR-free sensitivity, biomolecular extension and biological relevance.

The project is part of the DFG (German Research Foundation) founded SPP 1857 ESSENCE (Electromagnetic sensors for life sciences). Further information is available on the project website.

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Industry Research Project: » "DNA-Detektor"


EU Project: » "Terahertz Sensing and Imaging Systems for Biotechnology, Healthcare, Security and Process Monitoring" (Teranova)

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ARO Project: » "Integrated resonant THz nanosensing probes" (IRTeN)


EU Network of Excellence: » "Metamaterials Organized for radio, millimeter wave, and Photonic Superlattice Engineering" (Metamorphose)

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