HYPERIAS seeks to exploit the advantages of combining efficient THz generation from tuneable sources with direct detection using silicon CMOS technology to construct a THz system for hyper-spectral imaging and identification of materials, including explosives in near-field and stand-off modes. Hyper-spectral imaging within HYPERIAS will be supported by activities in the area of imaging algorithms suitable for the focal-plane CMOS arrays. The combination of these activities will result in self-contained systems suitable for concealed weapons and explosives detections at stand-off distances.

Dedicated activities targeting a detailed analysis and evaluation of different application field, especially in the security application area, will be incorporated into the proposal, in order to guide system conception and development along the application requirements, to develop automatic hyper-spectral material recognition algorithms and to integrate such into the developed hyper-spectral imaging and sensing instrumentation.

Source: http://www.hyperias.eu/project.shtml