THz Technology

A wave with a frequency of 1 Terahertz has a wavelength of 300 micrometer in free space. Consequently structure sizes of THz applications are at the same order of magnitude – mostly even smaller. For this purpose, a technology is required, which enables the precise particle-free and highly resolved fabrication of such devices.

A cleanroom of class ISO 5 offers i.a. the following possibilities for microfabrication:

  • Structuring (optical lithography, electron- and ion-beam-lithographie)

  • Coating processes (Sputtering, Evaporation)

  • Chemical analysis and cleaning

  • Structural analysis (Profilometer, EDX)

  • Microscopy (optical microscopy, STM, SEM, AFM)


WiPLASH Project

The main design principles in computer architecture have shifted from a monolithic scaling-driven approach towards an emergence of heterogeneous architectures that tightly co-integrate multiple specialized computing and memory units.

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Completed Projects


Such processes are needed as part of the TUGRACO (Towards Ubiquitous GRAphene based RF COmmunications) project, where metallic as well as graphene-based micro-antennas are used.

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